About Cultura21

Cultura21 Nordic is one of three nodes of the international network Cultura21. The other two are based in Berlin and in Mexico City.

Cultura21 was formed in 2007 by a collective of people from five continents, as a reaction to the lack of cultural focus in official policy for sustainability. Today, the agenda has changed, and culture is becoming recognised as a core of transition and resilience.

This makes the Cultura21 International network even more relevant and living. It now stretches all over the globe and counts artists, policy makers, researchers, business consultants, and community leaders.

Cultura21 collaborates and takes part in conferences, art festivals, research projects, and artistic experiments. We continue to push our understanding of transdisciplinary collaboration and the role of culture in creating sustainable futures.

Go to the website of Cultura21 International to gain insight, be updated on events, calls, and projects. Or just to get a more global view of the whole sustainability thing.