Sustainable cultures develop the places they are for future generations and for the sake of the planet.

Cultura21 Nordic is a Nordic network for culture and sustainability. We have engaged in the arts & sciences since 2008. Our partners and members look to be the change they want to see and together we collaborate on creating prototypes and projects to show that sustainability is possible.

Welcome to Cultura21 Nordic!

IMPORTANT: It has come to our knowledge that FAKE/FALSE invoices are sent from email addresses that seem to come from - DO NOT RESPOND TO THEM. Please forward any such emails to as we are trying to back-track them. THANK YOU FOR YOUR COLLABORATION AND UNDERSTANDING - WE ARE TRYING TO SOLVE MATTERS ASAP.

Our vision is that culture is seen as the core of the world’s present attempt to recover and recreate on the verge of numerous converging tipping points.As a platform, we offer visibility two ways: we seek to help our members show their thoughts, actions, and projects, to the world looking in. And we seek to offer insight and creative reflection to anyone paying this site a visit.Our members believe in the crucial role of culture in what they see as a possible turning point in history. They are project-makers, vision drawers, prototypers, urban explorers, or sound community creators. Check them out to see what they offer!Our partners and supporters come mainly from the public and NGO spheres, but we welcome anyone with a question or a good idea, and in need of creative inspiration thinking sustainability and resilience in other ways.We are based in Copenhagen, but act and collaborate across borders in the Nordic and Baltic Sea Region.To get updated on events and join them, check our Facebook site.